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the projects


STONES - Gambling Hall

Another cool project in the books. We had the opportunity to do a :30 second spot through MeringCarson for Stones Gambling Hall. They had a rough storyboard of what they wanted to see and some art direction that we were able to take and expand visually to tell their story. We developed some concepts and looks of how we were going to move through the piece and transition from scene to scene.

The Shoot

We partnered up with  0484 again to shoot the live action at our friends'studio,Wolf Camp Studios. We knew that there was going to be a lot of post work to do on the talent footage so we shot the whole spot on the Sony FS700 at a high frame rate for the most flexibly in post to pace out the animations with speed ramps and slow motion.

The Process

After the shoot, we went through and gathered all the selected shots and put them in a rough timeline. From there, we treated the footage in the style that was desired. Then, we started to composite the 3D environment within the piece. We explored a number of different looks (experimenting with multiple shaders, textures and lighting on the 3D side of things), until we landed on the final look.


One of the challenges we faced was figuring out how to get from scene to scene in a simple, clean, smart and creative way. Above are three of the main assets we used to do that. 


This was the first time we got to work with the good  folks at MeringCarson and it was a great project for us to be a part of. There was a lot of trust given to us to explore different directions and the creative process went very smoothly. 

Christopher Haag