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DLink - Gaming Router

Here at rG we like fast internet. Solely for the purpose of working faster. By no means do we ever play online games. Never. Why, what, and who is Ghost? So when we got a chance to produce this CG product animation we were like, awesome, yeah we'll do it, but who plays online games? We do some other stuff called research and development, but that's falls under work.


Getting to work directly with DLink was great. They gave us a lot of creative freedom and they let us run with it. That is a major plus especially when the client likes it right out of the box.


While working/developing the 3D cameras, CG environment and the actual model, there was also the core flat design being created. Once we found the desired look on the flat assets, we then arranged them in the 3D world to work seamlessly with the product.  Once the placement was in the desired location, then the animation happens, to make lively and driven piece. 


Thanks for checking out this little ditty. CG product videos are our type of projects!

chris haag